History of Clevedon Hall

Finzel’s refinery burnt to the ground in a fire in I 847.

He rebuilt a state of the art refinery at a cost of £250,000 (or £23m in today’s money), and he pledged to give a third of his profits to charity.

Finzel I was good friends with fellow countryman George Muller, his charitable donations helped to build Miil/er’s Ashley Down Orphanage.

Conrad Finzel I enjoyed a daily dip in the sea!

Conrad Finzel II was a great horticulturist, and at one time every single variety of holly was housed here.

We understand that Finzel stored his large collection of silver in the underground safes (all 4.Sst of it!), alongside his /,200+ bottles of vintage wines & port.

The Finzels, Hills and Burdens were all great philanthropists and gave generously to charity.

The Hill family loved to dress-up and throw ‘Theatricals’, or what we know as amateur dramatics, here at the hall.

The gardens used to house extensive glasshouses, where melons, cucumbers, peaches and even bananas were grown.

Clevedon Hall had one of the very first Japanese Gardens in the country c. 1925, it had a Japanese tea house on the shore of the lake.

When C/evedon Hall was a school, the underground vaults were used to store exam papers.

The contents of St. Brandon’s was auctioned to recover debts of nearly £1 m. Among the 800 lots were: 19 pianos8 singer sewing machines, a potter’s wheel and a ballet bar



Conrad Finzel I

Conrad Finzel I 1793-1859

Finzel arrived in the country in 1810 aged just 17. He was a penniless German emigre who didn’t speak English! • He built Frankfurt Hall in 1853 • No connection with slavery, he established his business in 1838 and slavery was abolished in I 833. • Made his fortune designing..Read More


Conrad Finzel II 1818-1903

From 1850 he ran Finzel & Son with his father, he eventually took over in 1859. By 1870 the refinery was the largest in the UK – some argue the world! In Sep /872 the refinery produced in one week 1,800 tons on sugar worth £70,000 (in todays value £7.1m!).

Charles Hill 1831-1899

Charles Hill 1831-1899

Hill renamed the mansion, Clevedon Hall. Two of his daughters held their wedding celebrations here (in 1888 and 1898). He entered his father’s shipbuilding business in 1845 aged just 16. Founded Bristol City Line which crossed the Atlantic to America. The Hill family loved to dress-up and throw ‘Theatricals’, or..Read More

Rev. Harold N. Burden 1859-1930

Rev. Harold N. Burden 1859-1930

Rev Burden, Katherine (1st wife), and Rosa (2nd wife) were early pioneers of mental healthcare for children and adults. Katherine bore two children who both died in their infancy and left no heir. The Burdens made considerable modifications and extensions to the hall. USA army had barracks here during the..Read More


St. Brandon’s School

School was est. 1851 and was one of the oldest public schools for girls. The school fled Bristol to The Bishop’s Palace in Wells during the War Used to have tennis courts, cricket pitch, swimming pool and even a theatre. School used library as dining room.


Creating the venue!

In 2009 we began the process of converting Clevedon Hall, into a high-quality events venue.

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