Conrad Finzel I 1793-1859

Finzel arrived in the country in 1810 aged just 17. He was a penniless German emigre who didn’t speak English!

• He built Frankfurt Hall in 1853
• No connection with slavery, he established his business in 1838 and slavery was abolished in I 833.
• Made his fortune designing a machine which perfected the refinement of sugar


Finzel’s refinery burnt to the ground in a fire in I 847.

He rebuilt a state of the art refinery at a cost of £250,000 (or £23.Jm in today’s money), and he pledged to give a third of his profits to charity.

Finzel I was good friends with fellow countryman George Muller, his charitable donations helped to build Miil/er’s Ashley Down Orphanage.

Conrad Finzel I enjoyed a daily dip in the sea!

John McCarthy