Six great ideas for hen parties with a difference

Wedding venue, check.  Wedding dress, check.  Wedding cake, check.  Oooops, nearly forgot the hen party!  There’s so much to think about when organising your big day that this part of the proceedings can easily be overlooked.  Big mistake!  The hen party is an essential part of the preparation process.  You’ve got to get all the girls together to discuss important details that might otherwise be overlooked – over a few bottles of Prosecco, naturally, and with some fun activities to ensure that everyone has a chance to bond properly before the main event.

What kind of activities, though?  There are so many to choose from!  Our event management team can provide you with some inspiring ideas – but here are a few imaginative ones to get you going.

Cocktail mixing masterclass

Don’t know your Mojitos from your martinis, your White Russian from your Moscow Mule or your Woo Woo from your Chi-Chi?  There may be a test at the end but if you don’t remember a thing that just means you’ve got full marks for entering into the spirits of things.  There’s nothing like a round of Sex on a Beach (vodkapeach schnappsorange juice, and cranberry juice) or Between the Sheets (white rum, cognac, triple sec, and lemon juice) for breaking the ice!

Pamper party

Head to the spa for a few hours of indulgent, sensuous, and pleasurable chillaxing with your friends.  What’ll it be – hot stones massage followed by a deep cleansing facial then champagne in the hot tub, a warm up in the steam room followed by an aromatherapy massage and a nourishing body wrap, or a full body chakra massage followed by an invigorating exfoliation then a pedicure?  Afterwards, you’ll all be feeling, and looking, a million dollars – just in time for a night on the town.  

Fun and games

Just a few miles inland from Clevedon Hall is Gatcombe Farm, home of West Country Games, a playground for grown-ups who want to rediscover their inner child.  Hens can put themselves through their paces with nine different west country themed activities, including the cider run, drunk pub skittles, welly wanging, pitchfork duel, Vicky Pollard handbags, Wurzel knockout and even bar skittles with humans being knocked off cider kegs.  Great selection of fancy dress costumes to make sure everyone looks and feels equally silly.

Let them eat cake

Treating everyone to traditional afternoon tea in a posh hotel is a wonderful way to add a bit of class to the proceedings.  It’s also a great excuse for a good old gossip – while tucking into dainty sandwiches, gooey éclairs, sticky tartlets, yummy cupcakes and melt in the mouth macaroons.  And if tea in a delicate china cup sounds a bit too…well, ladylike…the perfect accompaniment to freshly baked scones, home-made preserves and dollops of clotted cream is a glass or two of bubbly!

Cheeky - but all in the best possible taste.

Fake firemen, raunchy policemen and butlers in the buff – it’s all a bit passé.  But if you fancy something slightly saucy, with a cultural and artistic twist, a life drawing class is just the thing.  The organisers will provide drawing materials, an art teacher, and a finely sculpted male model.  Grab a stick of charcoal, and a glass of what you fancy, then set to work on your masterpiece.   You might find you’re not much of a Michelangelo but loads of laughs are absolutely guaranteed.

Get your diploma in flirtology

As the bride to be you don’t need any help in this department - but what about your mates?  After a masterclass in flirtation, they’ll be positively dangerous, educated in the science of seduction and adept at the art of attraction.  After some rigorous modules on body language, eye contact and conversational gambits, with expert input from a flirt coach, everyone will be given some assignments so they can put their new-found skills to the test.  Perfect for those keen to come out ahead in the dating game, as well as anyone worried about always being a bridesmaid but never a bride.

We’re here to help hens!

These are just a handful of ideas for hen parties that are sure to go down a storm – and all of them are readily available locally.  If you’d like some further details or have any questions at all regarding any aspect of your wedding, give us a call or pop in.  Our expert event management team would love to share their experience with you.