How to beat the post wedding blues

Photo by  Ben Rosett  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

The first few days of a new year can be a bit of a downer - an anti-climax after all the festivities.  It’s the same with a wedding.  Months of planning and preparation, anticipation then celebration…followed by a return to reality and routine.  So we thought we’d pick up on the similarities and kick off 2019 with a post about how to cope with the glumness that can set in after your big day.

Prepare yourself

Expect to feel worn out, emotionally drained and a bit down in the dumps – you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t!  Accept the fact that that after all the excitement and fun of your big day you are bound to come down to earth at some time with a bit of a bump.

How long before you come out of the slump?  Everyone is different so the length of time is going to vary from one person to the next.  It might just take you a couple of days to bounce back, but don’t be surprised if your recovery requires a couple of weeks.

No regrets

It’s inevitable that you’ll look back and wish, with hindsight, you’d done some things differently.  But don’t dwell on them – focus on the good stuff.  Also, remember that the end of your wedding is the start of a new life.  Shift your thinking to how you can make the best of your marriage and to planning your life with your partner.  One you start to get excited about that the feelings of anti-climax that follow the wedding will soon disappear.

Go minimoon

Going on honeymoon straight from your big day prolongs the feelings of euphoria and excitement.  But it may just postpone the inevitable back-to-earth bump.  Many couples, rather than heading straight to the airport the morning after their big day, take a short break closer to home.  That means less travelling and less expense, more time and opportunity to wind down, cuddle up and enjoy a few days and nights of chilled out romance.  It makes the process of returning home, and to normality, more gentle and manageable.

Photo by  Yoann Boyer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Honeymoon soon

The other great thing about taking a minimoon is that you can still take a honeymoon – but just a bit later.  Delaying your dream honeymoon even by just a few months can keep the excitement of your wedding going which in turn keeps the post-wedding blues at bay. You’ll have something else amazing to look forward to after the wedding, and you’ll probably enjoy the run up more because you won’t be rushing about trying to put a wedding together and pack the hottest honeymoon outfits at the same time.

Every day romance

Look for ways to make your new life together full of love and happiness.  Put in a little extra effort to turn an ordinary suppertime into a romantic dinner for two – wine, candles and maybe an indulgent dessert. 

Also, be sure to plan regular date nights where you go out as a couple for drinks, a meal, or to the cinema.  Spending quality time together and varying your usual routine will keep your relationship fresh and romantic, giving you plenty to look forward to once the big day has come and gone.  You could also set some bigger and longer term goals, not just for weekends away but for dream holidays, the kind of home you’d like to create and how your perfect lift would pan out.


Stay social

When you were planning your wedding you probably spent a lot of time with your family and friends.  Why should that stop once you have tied the knot.  Of course you’ll want to create a new life together but the time together will be even sweeter if you still enjoy good times with your girlfriends and see family on a regular basis.  The more events you have to look forward to the less you’ll be looking back longingly at all the fun you had around your big day. 

Money honey

One final thought, but something you need to keep in mind right from the start.  Agree on a sensible budget and stick to it.  Nothing will put more of a damper on your new life together than money worries.  So, work out what you can afford, plan accordingly, and don’t overstretch yourselves.  Better to keep some money back for an extra special minimoon and honeymoon than splurging it all on the big day itself.

 Got more questions?

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