To honeymoon or minimoon?

Photo by  Hunter Newton  on  Unsplash

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

Planning and organising your wedding is meant to be fun - but at some point you may feel you’ve had as much fun as you can take!  Your to-do list is so long, there are so many decisions to take, the costs are mounting up, trying to keep all your friends and family happy is presenting a challenge…and then, on top of all that, you have to start sorting a honeymoon.  That’s why so many couples these days are taking the minimoon option.

What is a minimoon?

It a long weekend or short break of luxurious chilling that’s close to home but far enough away to feel you have really got away.  Instead of starting your married life in the departure lounge of an airport (not very romantic!) the two of you drive off to a boutique country hotel in the middle of nowhere for some serious pampering, wining, dining and chilling.

Generally it is taken directly after the wedding but it can also be a good idea in the run-up stage.  If taken before the big day it provides a valuable escape from all the preparations – many couple find they need to take some time out to check how the other is feeling and remind themselves why they are doing this in the first place! 

Minimoons are becoming increasingly popular, for lots of very good reasons….

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Time is short

Getting time off work may be difficult and even if you can take a couple of weeks do you really want to lose precious days dealing with the stress of airports, long flights, car hire, travel insurance and jet lag?  This is especially true if you can only get away for a week – you’ll barely have time to unwind before you’re thinking about the hassle of getting home again.

A minimoon avoids all that angst and you can enjoy every precious minute without having to worry about lost luggage, annoying fellow passengers or language problems.

Red Carnation Hotels, Summer Lodge

Red Carnation Hotels, Summer Lodge

Money, Honey

Even the simplest wedding can be surprisingly expensive – the costs soon mount up.  And let’s be honest, you want the day to be super special, so you probably max your budget, and then some.  Booking an extended and exotic holiday on top of this is really going to stretch the finances and stress you out.  Even if you do manage to afford that holiday of a lifetime in the Seychelles, the Caribbean or the Far East you don’t want to be watching the pennies while you’re out there – it’ll just take the shine off things.

A minimoon takes those money worries away.  You can relax, knowing that you aren’t going to come home to a credit card statement that’s a shocker.  What’s more, if you fancy some extra spa treatments, or that really nice bottle of wine, you can enjoy them guilt-free.

Photo by  Edgar Chaparro  on  Unsplash

Have your cake and eat it

Taking a minimoon doesn’t mean you can’t have a full honeymoon – you can have both!   Take a short break straight after the wedding then go for a longer and more far away holiday in a few months’ time.

This gives you time for your finances to recover before another big expense.  It also gives you some time to recover from all that planning, organising and celebrating before going somewhere long haul and exotic.  Perhaps best of all it prolongs that wonderful “newly wed” feeling for a few extra months.  What could be more romantic and enjoyable than spending time with your new partner planning the details of a dream holiday.  It certainly gives you something to look forward to once you come down from that initial burst of wedding bliss.

We’re here to help

If the idea of a minimoon appeals, but you are short of inspiration on where to go, just give us a call.  The experienced team at Clevedon Hall are a fount of knowledge when it comes to all things wedding and we are more than happy to share our experience and thoughts. 


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