Best man - what is he supposed to do?

Photo by  Kats Weil  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kats Weil on Unsplash


Your big day is all about you and your husband to be.  But it’s also very much a team effort, with different people taking care of numerous tasks both before and during the event itself.  Early on your fiancée will need to pick a best man and get him helping out with the planning and preparations.  In this article we set out the best man’s main responsibilities – so you and they know what is expected of them.

He is the groom's right-hand man, organising, advising and sorting a whole list of things large and small, before and during the proceedings.  The good news, from the best man’s point of view, is that you, assisted by your maid of honour, do most of the planning.  The bad news is that still leaves quite a lot for him to take care of.  Ideally you want someone who is organised and reliable rather than one who just excels at being the life and soul of the party – his main job is not to drink more than everyone else!


The best man needs to make sure that everyone within the groom’s party knows what’s happening and to inform them of any changes to the plan.  It’s probably a smart move to set up a Facebook or WhatsApp group that everyone can access easily.

Dress code

It’s the best man’s responsibility to make sure all groomsmen are properly suited and booted.  This includes organising any suit fittings that are required, as well as making sure the finances are in place before the shopping process starts.


One of the best man’s tasks is the choosing and sourcing of the gifts for the groomsmen – it’s only right to thank them for their efforts and to give them each a memento.  Popular gifts include whisky flasks, pocket watches or cufflinks and these can be personally engraved with an appropriate message. 

The stag party

Although the party itself is a lot of laughs the job of organising it can be a real headache – and this is definitely where the best man really shows what he’s made of.  The challenge is to come up with a suitably inspiring itinerary, sort transport and possibly accommodation, get payment from everybody while their still sober and get creative with ideas for a theme, games, pranks and “entertainment”.  It’s also the best man’s responsibility to ensure the groom survives the experience all in one piece (without shaved head, eyebrows removed or any other body parts missing – watch ‘The Hangover’ if you need to check out all the things that could go wrong).

On the day  

The best man, along with the maid of honour, is responsible for ensuring everything goes to plan and runs smoothly.  He needs to be cool, calm and collected, so hitting the alcohol early in the day is not recommended!

His first job is to make sure everything is set up correctly.  This may involve picking up last minute items and organising stuff at the venue.  A crucial part of this role is making sure the rings are kept safe.  But that’s not all – he needs to make sure the wedding license is brought along and that the groom arrives at least twenty minutes before the ceremony is set to begin.

At the close of the ceremony the best man traditionally guides the maid of honour back up the aisle whilst following the bride and groom.   Then, once the ceremony is over, the best man should greet guests upon arrival at the reception.  During the meal he should introduce each of the speeches and then deliver his own.  If you'd like to give him some tips on preparing and delivering his speech this article should help.

Photo by  Alasdair Elmes  on  Unsplash

At the end of the day the best man is also responsible for looking after any gifts or envelopes.  This is an especially important task if you are your husband are leaving for the honeymoon straight from the celebrations.  A final fun task for him is to decorate your car so everyone knows you are “Just Married”!

Our team supports your team

So, being nominated best man is not just an honour – it’s a serious responsibility.  Having said that, if you book a venue like Clevedon Hall our dedicated team of wedding experts will be there to offer all the help and support that may be needed.  You and the best man, or anyone else involved in the planning or celebration, can turn to us for advice and assistance at any time – we’ll do everything we can to create an occasion everyone will enjoy and fondly remember for the rest of their lives.

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