Wedding Team

The Wedding team

A blissfully successful wedding celebration is a combination of many different elements – a magical venue, inspired wining and dining, luxurious accommodation, to name but three.   It’s easy to forget, however, that it’s people who make it all happen.  And we have some of the best.

They are experts turning your personal dreams into fabulous reality.  Skilled and experienced, they also have the kind of winning personalities, willingness to go the extra mile and love for what they do to really put the icing on your cake!


Head of Weddings

Simon has been in the industry for many years and assisted numerous couples in creating memorable wedding days. Simon will likely be the first person you meet here and will guide you through learning about Clevedon Hall and how we bring your wedding dreams to life. He has immense experience to help with any questions or queries you might have.


Head of food operations

Alan Jones is our very talented Head Chef with an immense passion for food. There is nothing he loves more than a couple with specific ideas of what they want their culinary experience to be. He then has the opportunity to bring those ideas to life, adding value through his years of cooking high quality food.


Wedding Co-ordinator

Ellie will work with you to plan all the details of your day, crossing every t and dotting every i. From going through the specific timings of your day to finding just the right bedroom for your family and friends. She is keen to make sure your day is exactly as you want it to be.


Sous Chef

Kate is our Sous Chef, also very talented with a particular eye for presentation. When she is not preparing dishes or assisting couples with their menus you will find her in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes.


Managing Director

James supports the whole team in achieving the highest standards for all our guests while also looking to prempt what our couples may want in the future.


Head of Event Operations

Verity has a wealth of experience with weddings, having managed hundreds over the years and with this knowledge she is able to anticipate your needs. It is her team that will ensure everything is exactly as it should be on your special day.


Sales and Marketing Director

John assists Simon, Ellie and other team members to create a bespoke experience for our couples, from their first phone call to them enjoying a wonderful wedding.