Wedding Fayre Tips

Six top tips for making the most of a wedding fayre


Planning your wedding? Then attending at least one wedding fayre is an absolute must! They’re a total godsend when it comes to gathering ideas and information, comparing and contrasting suppliers as well as getting a feel for the latest trends and fashions.

You can do some initial research online, but it’s vital to see, touch, smell, taste and listen – only by using all your senses will you be able to create the subtle magic that the occasion demands. What’s more, you need to assemble a team of people, from the photographer to the chef, the venue staff to the florist, that you click with. Chemistry is everything and a wedding fair is a wonderful opportunity to meet a variety of these individuals and see which ones you relate to best.

Last but not least, it’s fun! Anticipation is half the pleasure and a wedding fair certainly ramps up the sense of excitement and expectancy – there’s bubbly to be sampled, canapes to be tasted and if the fayre is held in a wedding venue there are photography locations to be viewed, dining rooms to be discovered and bedrooms to be explored.

Six smart ideas

For all these reasons a wedding fayre or two is a must-do. The savvy couple, however, goes well prepared – so here are some invaluable tips to ensure the experience is rewarding on all levels.


That way you not only see and meet lots of suppliers but you also have the opportunity to research the location itself and meet their team. This is not only an efficient use of your time but ensures you’ll be introduced to suppliers that the venue uses regularly. This is important – things are more likely to go smoothly on the day if the supplier and venue already have a great working relationship.


The people you meet will be eager to help you, but they need to know what kind of wedding you have in mind. They are going to ask you things like: where do you plan to hold the ceremony and the reception, what time of year are you thinking of, do you have a theme or style in mind, how many guests are you inviting? The more information you can give them the better!


It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you need to consider. Decide on your priorities - what’s the number 1 decision you need to make? For example, you might want to concentrate on picking a photographer as your first goal, then start thinking about wedding cakes, table decorations and entertainment once that is sorted. This helps you focus and manage your time – because there will be lots of tempting distractions!


Whilst it’s useful to get a few different opinions ultimately it’s your wedding. You want to be the one making the decisions as it should reflect your unique personalities and sense of style as a couple. Too much input from too many directions will be confusing. What’s more, you may spend valuable time worrying about making sure everyone is enjoying themselves and not enough focusing on the details that matter. Equally important, don’t twist someone’s arm to come with you – you want to be with people who are as excited and positive as you are.


Flat shoes are a must, especially if it’s a big show or you may be exploring gardens and outdoor areas – you want to be comfortable! If you are going to try on dresses wear suitable clothing and bring a pair of heels. If you have fabrics and colour schemes in mind bring swatches. A big bag to carry all the leaflets and samples is essential. Bring a calendar so you can schedule appointments. Don’t forget cash and a credit/debit card – there may be exclusive discounts if you pay a deposit for a particular service on the day.


Talk to people! Instead of just looking at the stands, grabbing a brochure or business card, then hurrying off, engage people in conversation. If an exhibitor is busy talking to another couple then make sure you come back a few minutes later. This is your opportunity to talk to an expert, pick their brains, gather ideas and inspiration as well as find people that you really want to work with to make your big day extra special.

A key date for your diary

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a most successful and enjoyable day. You can put them into practice on Sunday the 16th of October at the Clevedon Hall Wedding Fayre. It runs from 11am to 3pm but be sure to arrive promptly as our Head Chef Alan Jones and the Front of House team will have some delicious dishes for you to sample and they’re sure to disappear fast! You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the wonderful house and gardens, meet many of the best wedding suppliers in the area, benefit from the free offers exclusively available on the day, sample the complimentary bubbly in the bar and pick up a free present on arrival.

We look forward to seeing on the 16th !

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