Unusual Alternative Entertainment for your Hen Party

In recent years, the hen party and stag party have become a major performance. Deciding what to do has become almost a stress in itself, especially when there are so many other decisions to be made. 

Many hen parties involve a group of friends dashing off abroad where there are worries about missing flights and losing the bride in the airport. Others opt for wearing L-plates and tiaras for a tour of local pubs and clubs. But is this really what you want for your last nights of freedom?

Naturally, we’d advocate a retreat to a fine countryside or seaside venue, such as Clevedon Hall. Having chosen a venue for your hen party, the next consideration is what are the key ingredients that you must include to make the weekend a success? High on the list of essentials will be fine food, drink, fun and laughter – maybe laughter in particular, and that gives us an idea…

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is something that is hitting the headlines, due to the fact that it is a great way to have fun with your friends – and an ideal addition to your hen weekend.

Instead of making hen party arrangements that raise your blood pressure, Laughter Yoga will actually reduce the stress that has been building up due to wedding planning and anticipation of the big day. You’ll feel energised and refreshed – ready to enjoy the rest of your weekend and face the challenges ahead.

Daniella Warner of Lighten up Life is a certified Laughter Yoga leader and she says, “Laughter Yoga can change your mood within minutes by releasing endorphins. If your mood is good, you feel good. It helps you to encourage a sense of humour too and brings more laughter into your life with a smiling face and positive attitude towards life.”

Health Benefits

Did you know that 10-15 minutes of deep belly laughter could give you the same cardiovascular work out as 30mins on a rowing machine? There are other health benefits too. Laughter Yoga can:

  • Boost your immune system – no nasty colds on your wedding day
  • Create more energy – get everything done and still feel bouncy
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Reduce stress and restore emotional balance
  • Release endorphins to make you feel good
  • Increases blood circulation to bring a bloom to your cheeks

So what is Laughter Yoga? 

It’s a combination of guided laughter exercises, which bring more energy and oxygen into the body; and Pranayama or yogic breathing. If that sounds complicated, it really isn’t. You are encouraged to laugh with childlike playfulness – as we all know, laughter is contagious and once one starts, everyone is laughing!

The trick is that the body gets the same physiological and psychological benefits from laughter like this as from ‘real laughter’ – it doesn’t know the difference – and you soon start to feel positive and joyful.

You can bring the tricks and secrets of Laughter Yoga with you on your wedding day, and use the strategies for the rest of your daily life. Daniella Warner says, “Laughter Yoga will teach you how to keep your spirits high when you face challenges in life.  It promotes mental attitude to help you cope with all situations more easily than someone who hasn’t experienced the changes it brings.” And what’s more – it’s fun!

At Clevedon Hall, we’re always open to suggestions for creative activities to make your hen or stag party successful. Contact us with your ideas and our events team will do their utmost to make your wishes come true.

Daniella Warner

Laughter Yoga Coach

Lighten Up Laugh

07801 498519


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