The Photo Booth Phenomenon

Wedding photographers have undergone a transformation. They always  played a vital role in creating a wedding album, which was a permanent record of the special day for the bride and groom. These days their offerings are innovative and much more fun!

In the bad old days, the wedding photographer was a necessary evil. He or she (it was usually a he) got in the way of guests trying to take their own photos. He swept the newlyweds away within moments of the ceremony and the wedding breakfast got cold while everyone waited. That was then – this is now!

The trends in wedding photography include engagement shoots, photos taken in cornfields, alongside pets or even tractors and lots of shots of the preparations. Guests are much more a part of the day, with the phone camera and digital cameras allowing them to be photographers in their own right.

One of the most popular innovations has been the concept of the Photo Booth. We’ve all used them to take passport photos in the past, so the process is familiar. They allow professional quality photos of informal groups of guests having fun and can be used at weddings or any celebration. The booth can sit in the corner of your venue and you simply add people. The photos pop out of the slot after processing and some companies allow you to alter the settings to provide two copies of each image – one for the guests and one for the bride and groom’s album.

Photographer Will Davis has his own particular take on the Photo Booth phenomenon – a Mini Studio. This includes ‘proper’ cameras, reflectors and professional kit but also props such as wigs, giant sunglasses, hats, masks and disguises.

The Mini Studio allows a little more space than a Photo Booth, so you can combine more guests and be a little more creative with the poses and props you use. Add some ride along toys to the mix and hilarity is guaranteed – no need to say “cheese”, as everyone will already be grinning!

Will says, “For me it’s about everyone’s got dressed up for the event, so an open booth set up is a chance for fun pictures but also to get nice portraits... it’s like a gift to the guest.”

The idea of a Photo Booth or mini studio removes the focus (pun intended) from the happy couple for a while and also has the benefit of allowing them to relax and circulate among friends and family. They can enjoy seeing their guests being the photographer’s ‘victims’ for a while!

Another benefit is that your guests will have their own photos of the occasion. The Photo Booth either delivers instant photos or is part of a package of copyright-free images that you can distribute after the event to as many people as would like them. Some suppliers will design personalised photo books or prints to match the theme of your wedding or event.

The Photo Booth phenomenon need not be confined to weddings. Bring an element of fun to conferences, product launches, wedding anniversaries or any kind of celebration. This is truly a way of blending people together and creating happy memories for the future.