Our Launch

In a slight change to our normal information about planning events, we felt we should add a post about the launch of our new bedrooms.

Since we turned Clevedon Hall into an events venue in 2010 we have had numerous requests for bedrooms. We soon sought out advice and guidance to investigate if this was possible. The initial feedback from multiple sources was that it would be impossible to do because of the complicated arrangements on the first and second floor with split levels and not enough plumbing pipework in place.

We investigated other options but eventually came across Childs and Sulzmann Architects who were confident that there were solutions to the issues. We immediately started planning and we were soon able to discuss details plans with English Heritage and the local Conservation Officer. We took on board their feedback and then went for planning permission, which with the help of the North Somerset Planning department we were able to quickly get approved.

The next step was to bring on board a main contractor, we decided on John Perkins Construction who are a local firm. Throughout the building process the team have been great. Rupert, Daniel and Alex have been helpful, hard working and happy to offer advice. The site manager Hayden has also been great to work with, nothing is too much trouble and if issues crop up then he is quick to deal with them.

Then as rooms became available our interior designers Jane Clayton Interiors swooped in to install furniture, artwork, etc. in the rooms that they have already specified paints, carpet and wallpaper. This gave each room it's own special personality.

All this hard work came together on the 27th November in our official launch of our bedrooms.

We wanted to say thank you to all the people that had put such hard work in to get to this point and to introduce local people and businesses to the amazing rooms we have been able to create. As a treat we offered wine and canapés which were incredibly delicious. Then there were competitions on an F1 driving simulator and laser shooting.

Below our some initial photos of the launch to enjoy

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