Finding the right DJ for your wedding

Choosing the right music for your wedding is not as easy as it sounds. It’s like going on an awkward first date all over again and wondering if the chemistry is there - do you both like the same things? Picking the right music to suit the style of your reception doesn’t differ much from this scenario.

Setting the right tone can have a huge impact on the vibe of the whole event, not forgetting the impression it can make on your guests and what they remember of your big day. Choosing a DJ who will happily blare out the words to that all time cheesy classic “Puppy Love”, or encourages guests to dance to the ‘Macarena’ could leave them feeling hesitant to venture from their seats. However, throw in a bit of head banging drum and bass and you’ll find them permanently fixated away from the dance floor for the rest of the evening. The right DJ should read the room and create a mood to match it to ensure all the guests are having a good time.

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Don’t worry - we can help set the right tone with our experience and expert knowledge that will help to guide you and your guests successfully towards the dance floor.

Use referrals

Nothing comes better than a good recommendation from someone who has experienced it already. Ask people you know and trust to make valuable suggestions. If you’re using a wedding planner, make sure you consult their ‘little black book’ of contacts for inspiration. At Clevedon Hall, we have helped plan and organise a number of weddings where music has played an important factor in their success. We have a list of local DJ’s that suit a variety of styles and themes for weddings that we deem to be reliable to create a good musical vibe.

Meet and greet

It’s important to meet the DJ prior to the big day. This may seem obvious, however it’s surprising how many people settle on one over the phone. We recommend that all our couples meet their prospective DJ at least once before the wedding. It’s important that you not only like them, but also gel with them as a person and their performing personality, as this will be reflected during the event which you want to mirror you as a couple.  Never settle on the first one you meet - they might be good but it’s best to meet several before making the final decision. To enable you to do this, feel free to interview them; asking the right questions now will avoid any unexpected surprises later!

Choosing a playlist

The tunes that the DJ plays should reflect your personalities and the music that you both like, whether it’s current chart music or bringing back the all-time classics. It’s important that the DJ knows the music you would like to play and the specific points during the event in which you want it played. If you’re selecting a DJ to perform your first dance, it’s even more crucial that his beat is in time with you putting your right foot forward to avoid the unfortunate occurrence of ending up with two left feet! You need to also agree on whether the DJ is allowed to take requests. Your guests’ taste in music could be completely different to your own; therefore it’s essential that you brief the DJ on what’s allowed and what isn’t.

The budget

DJ’s don’t always come cheap, especially the good ones. Make sure you agree on a budget prior to the event and get it confirmed and signed by both parties in writing beforehand. Factor in an agreed cost for overtime – there’s always those last few guests left standing that will request “one more”!

Connecting the DJ with the venue

Before the agreement is signed, liaise with the venue and introduce the DJ to the wedding coordinator. Before the final decision is made, you need to organise what equipment the venue already has, and what the DJ will need to bring with them on the day. This could potentially uncover any hidden costs for equipment hire. It is also courtesy to let the venue know the calibre of music that will be played for volume reasons and the timings for each of their sets. The venue can then make the necessary arrangements and ensure that the music doesn’t violate any of their licenses.

For further guidance on selecting the right DJ, or information on weddings at Clevedon Hall, our friendly and experienced wedding coordinator would love to hear from you - 01275 774195.